Bank Account

The best choice is for a Seychelles International Business Company to bank with a Bank located in Seychelles.

We have good working relationship with different banks operating in Seychelles.

To open a corporate account, all reputable banks will require detailed personal and business information from the owners and controllers of the offshore account.

In particular, the bank will need to know and identify the actual beneficial owner(s) of the offshore company, as well as everyone who will be signatory on the account.

ICAL main objective is to assist and introduce you as a client to the bank. This fee is for account introduction, whereby we introduce you this a particular bank. It is to be noted that this fee does not guarantee the opening of the bank account.

The bank introduction means that we introduce you to your preferred bank as a potential client. Most Banks feel more comfortable by accepting new client through licensed professional like us. We will assist you in completing the account opening forms correctly.

The bank introduction service is completed when the bank issues a formal letter, addressed to the new applicant, advising that the account has been opened and indicating the account numbers or the bank issues a similar formal letter, advising that it has reviewed the application forms and has refused to open the account.

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