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You can order Seychelles International Business Company (IBC), Seychelles Special license company (CSL), yacht registration please contact us by e-mail, phone or fax.

As a reputable license Corporate Service Provider, we are bound to identify and know our clients. Therefore, with any clients, we request identification such as certified passport, proof of address of all individuals involved.

If you will be a professional Intermediary reseller client, we will need specific Customer Due Diligence on your Company, please contact us for full details.

All information provided to us are kept in strict confidence, and are kept in our office for our records only.

All payment can be done by wire transfer or credit card and Western Union, will be indicated in the invoice.

Once CDD, details of your order and payment have been received, we will proceed accordingly. The set of corporate documents will include Memorandum and Articles of association, certificate of incorporation, Appointment of first director, Share and Director Register, Consent letters, Resolution. If you requested Nominee services, additionnal documents will be included. All documents which will require signature from your side will be email to you and you will need to send copies for our file.

Most clients wish for their company documents to be certified. To make the documents acceptable abroad we use the 2nd level certification, which is the Apostille Legalisation or THE HAGUE CONVENTION 1961 process; firstly a Notary or Attorney in Seychelles initial and stamp the documents and additionally the Supreme Court wiill confirm by placing the apostille stamp. Once this is done the document would be acceptable legally in all member countries of the Hague Convention. For full list click here.

All Seychelles companies must pay annual renewal fees; due date is one day before the registration anniversary date of the Company. We will notify you of the due in time of your company and you will confirm if you wish to continue for the following year. Annual renewal fee must be paid on time. Non-payment will result in losing good standing status, and your company will ultimately be struck-off the register.

It is to be noted that all Companies which is striked off remain liable to any dues and unpaid fees, it also remains liable to all abligations and debts. Therefore, this company shall not continue trading or enter into any new transactions and its directors, shareholders and managers should not operate or transact with the assets of the company. Striking off implies that all assets are legally frozen until the company is restored in good standing or legally dissolved. The Act Allows for a company to be easily restored or else it will be deemed to have been dissolved.

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